Tips For Improving Your Document Preparation Company's Business-To-Business Customer Service

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If you own a small business-to-business document preparation business, then it is important that your business provides excellent customer service to all of its customers. By making customer service an important aspect of your business, you will gain new customers in the future through word-of-mouth advertising by your satisfied customers. Whether you are preparing legal documents for local attorneys or incorporation documents for other small businesses, it is vital that every transaction you have with the businesses is professional and provides excellent customer service. To this end, here are some tips for improving your B2B customer service for future transactions:

Tip: Provide Your Customers with a Phone Number that is Always Answered by a Human

Nothing is more frustrating than urgently needing a document and not being able to reach anyone by phone. Since this type of frustration will make your customers seek out a new document preparation business to use in the future, you should always provide your customers with a phone number where they can call and reach a person rather than voicemail. While you may believe this would lead to abuse by customers who have no patience, you will likely find that the opposite is true. Your customers will use your emergency line during urgent times and will happily leave you messages for non-urgent needs because they realize you may be helping other customers and will get back to them soon.

Tip: Use a Professional Delivery Service for Urgent Document Deliveries

If you are not able to personally deliver documents or your delivery driver calls in sick, then you should plan to use a professional delivery service like GLH European so that your documents won't arrive late to their destination. While this will be an added cost to your business, it also serves as a wonderful way to prove to your customers that you are willing to go the extra mile to keep their business. 

Tip: Ask Your Customers Regularly for Their Feedback about Your Customer Service

Finally, one of the easiest ways to show your customers that you care about customer service is to simply ask them. You can send a survey for them to fill out, but it is much more effective if you simply call them up and ask how they think you are doing. This allows your customers the opportunity to work out any small issues they may be having with your service, and it shows your customers that you really do value their feedback.