Moving Your Belongings Abroad

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If you have decided to move overseas, you will have a lot of planning and organizing to do for your belongings to make sure it arrives to its new destination safely. There are several additional factors to consider when making a move to another country. Here are some tips you can use to help you make that overseas move a little easier.


You will want to only bring items that are important and unload things that you can replace when you get to your new home. Look at each item to determine if it will be cost effective to have it shipped to your new home or if it would be better off being sold or given away. You can have a yard sale to get rid of some of the things you will no longer be needing. Consider having a barbecue or going away party with friends and family where you will be able to give some of your items away in the process.

Packaging Items

As you find things you definitely want to have at your new home, you will want to have them packed in a way that will keep them safe while making the trip. Use more bubble wrap than you think necessary to ensure your items are padded completely when housed in cardboard boxes. Make sure to keep a list of your items and number your boxes so you will be able find things when you start unpacking. The list will also come in handy if any of your packages are stopped for a customs inspection.

Shipping Your Items

You will want to find a cost effective way to ship your items to your new home. Many people will rely on air freight or boat freight to transport their belongings. The belongings can be insured and they will be checked before getting on the plane or boat to make sure there are no illegal items being shipped.

When you hire an air or boat freight shipping company to handle the moving of your belongings, you will feel confident that they will be able to fill out the proper paperwork for the country in which the items will be arriving. They will be able to assist you in the customs procedures for the country you are going to be going to, to ensure your belongings arrive without any problems.

Check with a local company, like Alaska Air Forwarding, for more information on their regulations and policies.

What About Your Pet?

If you have a pet, you will want to find out from the country you are moving to, if there are any stipulations in bringing an animal in from an outside country. You will most likely need to have a vaccination history from your veterinarian proving that your pet is safe to be allowed into the country.

You may be able to check your pet into an airline or boat as you would luggage. There are special crates available for pets to be transported comfortably. If you have a smaller pet, it may be allowed to travel with you in a small pet carrier. You will need to ask the airline or boat service about their policy.