Three Tips for Moving Cars Off of Your New Property Without Problems

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If you are purchasing a property that has been abandoned for quite some time, you may have many things on the property that you need to get rid of. Sometimes an old house will become a storage ground for abandoned items. This can become a problem for you as the new property owner. As the owner of your property, it will be your responsibility to turn over a new leaf and completely clear out the grounds and the interior of the home. If there are abandoned cars sitting in the yard, consider these three tips for removing the cars safely and keeping your property clear of exterior problems. 

Take detailed photographs of the cars

For all cars that have been abandoned in your yard, you should take photographs of them before having them removed. The first reason why you want to take photographs is that you will want to keep proof of which cars were in your yard and their condition. It is possible that this proof may be necessary later on if there is litigation between the owner of the car and another party. Having photographs will help you prove what you had moved and what was on your property. Be sure to get a good shot of each of the license plates of the cars that were in your yard. 

Call the city first

Many cities have phone lines that allow you to report abandoned cars. Be sure to call your city to report the fact that you just purchased a property and several cars have been abandoned on it. The reason why you should report this to the city first is that there may be cars that the authorities have been looking for, such as vehicles used in the commission of a crime. This way the city and the police department can come to confiscate the vehicle and take it in as evidence if necessary. 

Call a double-decker hauler

It can be a good idea to call a towing company on your own. This gives you the power to find a towing company that can come to your new property the same day to get rid of any vehicles. A double-decker hauler will allow the towing company to take with them any vehicle that does not belong on your land. Get all necessary paperwork to show where you had the cars taken to and how to reach the towing company in case this info is needed later on. 

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