First Trip To A Big City? 2 Reasons To Use A Private Car Service Instead Of A Taxi To Get Around Town

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If you have never had to rely on others to help you get around town in your life due to owning your own car, then it is important to learn about your transportation options before your first trip to a big, bustling city. Of course, you could rent a car to drive around town in a large city, such as NYC or Los Angeles, but this would lead to you spending more time stuck in traffic than enjoying your vacation (your GPS will often suggest a route to a destination in the city that the local drivers know is not the quickest route due to traffic congestion) and paying so much to park your rental car at your destinations (if you can even find a place to park!) that you would quickly realize that there is a reason so many locals don't even bother owning their own cars. 

Your two options for safe, fast travel in most large cities are taxi cabs and private car services. While hailing a taxi during your trip is likely a fun activity you would like to try at least once in your life, read on to learn two reasons why many big city locals rely on private car services instead of taxis when traveling throughout the city. 

1. You Can Avoid That Stressful Taxi Meter and Instead Get a Flat-rate, Upfront Ride Quote

If you have never ridden in a taxi cab, then during your first ride in one, you will quickly learn that the cost of traveling from the same point A to the same point B in one can vary greatly depending on how much traffic your taxi cab gets stuck in. And in a big city, you can always expect a lot of traffic. Taxi rates are regulated by local ordinances and typically involve one upfront flat fee every rider pays, an additional fee per mile ridden in the cab, and an addition fee per minute of "idle" time in the cab. 

When stuck in traffic, you will likely keep your eye on that meter that displays the cost of your trip, as those small fees add up quickly, and this can feel very stressful as your taxi fee keeps adding up, even though the cab is not even moving!

On the other hand, if you book a ride from point A to point B from a private car service, the company will typically provide you the price of the ride upfront before you even book it, so you then know exactly how much the ride will cost and don't have to worry about any expensive surprises at the end of your ride if your private car driver does encounter a lot of traffic. 

2. Private Car Services Often Let you Choose Your Vehicle

If you are traveling with small children, get car sick in specific types of vehicles, or are traveling with a large group of people who would enjoy riding from destination to destination together instead of "splitting up" into several taxis, then you will be happy to hear that most private car services let you choose the vehicle you would like to travel in without any hassle. Many private car service fleets offer SUVs and full-size vans, and since many of the services also offer limousine rides, you can even request a limo when your group would like to ride "in style" during that night out to a pricey restaurant or when catching a Broadway play. 

If your children require car seats and/or booster seats for their safety, then you will be happy to hear that many private car services have many on hand, and all you have to do is request them when you book your ride. This means that you don't even have to worry about bringing your own on your trip, which can rack up your "checked luggage" fees very quickly. 

It is important to learn about all of your transportation options when traveling to a big city for the first time because typically, renting a car when you get to the location is a bad idea due to the heavy traffic and parking fees that add up quickly. While you likely want to hail a cab at least once to check it off your "bucket list," remember these two facts about private car services and how they differ from taxi cabs. Contact a private car service like LA VIP Car Service.