Cruise Ship Stopping In Civitavecchia? Two Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Time In Port

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Going on a cruise is a great way to enjoy a scenic vacation away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life very affordably. If you or your family are embarking on a cruise soon or have already booked one that will stop in Civitavecchia, also called the "Port of Rome," then you want to make sure you get to see as many amazing sites as you can, just like when stopping at other ports. Planning what you will do at each port before you leave on your cruise is a good idea for getting the most of your time at sea. Here are two tips for getting the most out of your time spent at Port Civitavecchia, whether your ship will stop there for just a few hours or a full night. 

1. Don't Miss These Must-Visit Sites in Civitavecchia

Frequent travelers love sharing which city attractions they loved the most after a great trip.Those who have traveled to Civitavecchia in the past have enjoyed exploring the ancient ruins of Terme Taurine; touring the grounds of the Michelangelo Fortress; and visiting the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, which is a museum filled with ancient Italian art. 

If your children will be traveling with you on your cruise, then Aquafelix water park is considered a "hidden treasure" in the town that children and water-lovers of all ages enjoy. If you love visiting beautiful cathedrals, then you will love the Cattedrale Di San Francesco located in the town. 

2. Book a Private Shore Excursion to Also Explore the Big City of Rome

While the town of Civitavecchia itself is home to many interesting attractions,it can always be tough navigating around a new city, especially one in a completely different country; to make sure you are able to hit all of the town attractions you plan to place on your port to-do list when you are only in port for a short time, then make sure to book a private Civitavecchia tour excursion. While your cruise ship may offer a guided tour of the area, they may not plan to visit every attraction on your list. 

If your ship will be in port for more than a couple of hours, then realize that this port is located about 50 miles northwest of Rome, and you can book a Civitavecchia tour excursion that includes a visit to the big city of Rome and its many world-famous attractions. There are many companies that offer Civitavecchia private tour excursions, so choose one that will send an English-speaking driver/tour guide to meet you right at the port. When booking your tour, your family can then inform the driver which Civitavecchia you would like to enjoy along with the attractions in the big city of Rome you would like your family to enjoy. 

Alternatively, you can choose a ready-made tour package that includes sites that may be a little off-the-beaten path, yet are hidden local treasures. When touring Rome, be sure to visit the famous Roman Colloseum, the Pantheon, and Vatican City. 

If you and your family plan to embark on a cruise that will spend some time at Civitavecchia, then be sure to use the time in port wisely to make sure you remember your visit fondly for many years to come. If you are in port more than a couple of hours, then book a private shore excursion that includes a trip to Rome to check out many of the big city's world-famous sites.