Transportation Advice For Your Trip To Chicago

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As one of the largest cities in the United States, Chicago can be daunting. Here are some tips for your first stay in Chicago. 

Book an Airport Taxi

Chicago covers a large area, and the two airports (O'hare and Midway) are not in the most newbie-friendly areas. It is advised that you look into airport transportation. That way, you'll at least make it to your hotel to drop off your belongings before you try to tackle the challenge of navigating Chicago's subway system. 

Choose a Central Area

For most people, public transportation is a good option for getting around the city. That's especially true because a lot of the common sights for visitors are in areas where public transportation via subway is easy. So, if you can afford it, spend the money to stay in the Loop or another central area of the city. 

Get a Transportation Pass

Definitely invest in a daily, weekly, or monthly pass for transportation, depending on how long you will be in the city. Those fares can add up quickly. Learn the most common routes on the El (subway), such as the red line for travel to Northern neighborhoods or the blue line for travel to the west. Although trains tend to come fairly often, being acquainted with the lines will help you get on the right train the first time around. 

Consider Walking or Biking

It may not be the prettiest thing to do in freezing weather, but if you're in the area during a nice time of year, plan to spend some time on foot or on a bike. The Lakefront trail will take you all the way downtown, and it's a great way to get some exercise and see the city as you save money on transportation. 

Make Sure You're Flying Out of the Same Airport

There are two major airports in Chicago, and it would be unfortunate for you to travel to the same airport where you landed, only to realize that your flight goes out of the other airport. That could be the case if you're booked with two different airlines; some airlines only fly out of one of the two airports. So, double check this before you get a ride to the airport. But, it happens to plenty of travelers. Get your airport transportation company, like Ride in Bliss, to give you a ride across town so that you don't miss your flight!