Traveling Away From Seattle? A Few Things You Might Want To Know About The Airport Parking Situation

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Seattle is a fascinating and exciting city. There is so much to see and do, and it ranges from historical Underground Seattle tours to sporting events. People often travel to Seattle for business, but more often than not, people head there for personal vacations. A lot of people travel away from Seattle, too. If this is your first time visiting the Seattle-Tacoma, Washington area, or flying out of the airport here, there are a few things you might like to know about the airport parking situation.

The Airport Has More Than Adequate Parking

This airport has twelve thousand parking spots for both short-term and long-term parking, with the majority of parking given to long-term parking permit holders. A lot of parking is also dedicated to car rental companies, each rental company having their own lot. You could take a chance and rent a car when you get there, or you could fly there and have someone else drive your vehicle to the airport and meet your plane. The cross-country road trip might take a day or two longer, which is why most travelers choose to fly and then rent a car instead. 

The Airport Garage Is Connected to the Airport

This airport does things a little differently. Instead of asking consumers to leave their vehicles out in an open lot for the duration of their absence or stay, an eight-floor parking garage is where you can park your vehicle. The top floor is in direct connection to a sky bridge that takes you directly into the airport. All of the other seven floors require you to go down to street level and cross into the main lobby entrance. Regardless of on which floor you park, you will not need a shuttle to get to the airport's front doors.

There Are Lots of Coupons and Promotions for Parking

Yes, there certainly are a lot of parking spots, but it never hurts to get a good deal on parking anyway. Additionally, if you need to leave a car at the airport garage for a long time, you may want to check on the discount situation so that you can get a great price on long-term parking on the top floor of the garage and be able to reach your departure gate and your car faster as you leave and return, respectively. You can check for these deals often on the airport's website.

For more information about parking at Seatac, contact your local airport transportation service today.