Boat Transportation Tips To Prepare Your Yacht For Safe Travel To A New Destination

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When you are ready to transport an oversized yacht, you may not be able to just load it on a trailer and take it to a new destination. Therefore, you need the help of specialized service when you get ready to move your boat from one location to another. Before you can get the boat loaded and transportation begins, you want to make sure that you have done all the preparations to have it moved. The following tips will help you prepare your yacht for safe transport to a new destination:

Make Sure That You Have All Your Paperwork Done Before Moving Your Boat

There are different rules and regulations that you need to be aware of before you move your yacht. It is your responsibility to get the yacht registered, get insurance policies, and get the appropriate permits before you have your boat moved. Check with the marina or port where you are moving your yacht to find out what documentation you need, and have it all prepared before your boat begins its journey.

Review the Inside of Your Boat to Make Sure Everything Is Secure for Travel

There are a lot of things that can get moved around when you are transporting your yacht, which can lead to damage. Check the inside of the boat for loose items and objects that may move during the transportation process. Secure things like cabinet doors, drawers, and other objects, so they cannot move while the hauling is being done.

Remove Masts, Outboard Motors and Other Equipment That Can Be Damaged During Travel

The exterior of your boat may also have a lot of loose objects and equipment that need to be removed or secured before the move. If you have a sailboat, remove the mast and other equipment to keep it safe during transportation. In addition, you will want to remove outboard motors, diving platforms, and other objects that can get in the way during transportation.

Use Vinyl Wraps and Secured Cover Systems to Protect Your Yacht from Damage During Transport

It is also important to protect the exterior of your yacht during transportation to prevent damage. You can use vinyl wraps to protect the paint and finishes of your boat wherever possible. Use secured covers to protect other areas that may be vulnerable during transportation and secure any moving parts or equipment that cannot be removed.

These are some tips that will help you prepare your yacht for transportation and ensure it makes it to the new destination safely. If you are ready to move your yacht, you can contact a boat hauling service to help with the move.