Finding The Right Shuttle Bus For Your Needs

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Shuttle buses are smaller than standard buses, and the uses for these smaller buses are numerous. Finding a shuttle bus for sale that is in good condition and meets your needs is sometimes harder than you might think, but there are some things to consider that can help during your search.

Local Dealerships

While there are not a lot of bus dealers in most towns, you may have a dealer that sells surplus vehicles and equipment in your area. This is an excellent place to start your search because surplus vehicles are often well-maintained while they are in use. A shuttle bus that was part of a school or city bus line is more than likely going to have higher mileage, but the care given to the bus during its use can more than make up for the mileage. 

Let the dealer know what you are looking for, and they can check the inventory to see if they have a shuttle bus for sale. If they do not have a shuttle bus, they can sometimes reach out to other dealers in the industry and try to find one for you. 

Private Sales

A private sale is sometimes a good way to find a shuttle bus for sale. If a retirement home, a school, or a business that ran shuttles to the airport or other places has a shuttle bus for sale, you might be able to buy it directly from them. The price may be more easily negotiated, and the condition of the bus may be better, but be sure to check it over thoroughly before you commit to buying it.

Have your mechanic check the bus over before you buy the bus to be sure that everything is working or what will need repair after you get the shuttle bus home.

Auctions and Online Sales

Finding a shuttle bus for sale at an auction is often an excellent way to buy one inexpensively. Surplus auctions often happen every few months, and you can find listings for them online. They will often list the inventory online before the sale so you can look for a shuttle bus in the listings before you go to the auction. 

If the auction is a long distance from you, you may be able to bid on your bus on the phone during the sale. If you win the bid, you will have to go down to the auction house and pay for the bus, then drive or haul it home. Browsing the online listing before the auction is a good way to look for a shuttle bus that is the right size and in a decent condition, and you can look at multiple actions using this method. 

Contact a dealership that has shuttle buses for sale to learn more.