Things to Know About Overweight Permits

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Oversized shipments are sometimes the only way to transport goods from one place to where they need to go. As with any shipment, there are important criteria that must be met to stay safe while on the road. Overweight permits can help you transport big loads of equipment or supplies, and the only way to legally transport in many places. Here are a few things to know when it comes to oversize permits.

Every State Is Different

Every state you travel through has different criteria for how large your load can be. Generally speaking, anything over 8.5'x102' is considered too large, but be sure to check the exact requirements for each state you are going to be traveling through before you hit the road. While height and width are crucial to know for staying within your lane and fitting safely below underpasses, knowing the maximum weight limit is important to keeping your transport truck safe. When you are safe driving these large loads, so is everyone else on the road.

Know When Travel Escorts Are Required

Travel escorts usually travel ahead of large load vehicles to serve two purposes. First of all, they are there to notify other drivers on the road that a large load is coming and to take proper precautions if necessary. Overweight permits must be present by the driver of these trucks, but having a sign and travel escort keeps all other people on the road safe while in transport, too. The second benefit of travel escorts is to help keep the driver of the oversized load aware of upcoming road conditions or any accidents on the road. If your load is over a certain amount, it might be required by the state to have one with you at all times. 

Mark Your Truck as Required

Depending on the size of your load, you might be required to keep flags or other signage to help the other drivers on the road. Often, you are required to add additional lights to your truck so that other drivers can see you at all times and know that you are carrying an oversized load of equipment. If you are supposed to have these markings on your vehicle and do not adhere to the law, you can be in trouble and might be ticketed or fined. Be sure to check the requirements for your travel escort as well, because sometimes they are also required to have these markings.