Safety Precautions For Charter Bus Rental During A Pandemic

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Renting a charter bus to attend a business, school, or church function may still be possible during a pandemic. To help ensure safe travel by bus, there are some extra steps you can take before and during your trip. Use the following tips to help prevent the spread of germs and keep everyone in your group healthy throughout your travels.

Reduce Capacity

Your charter bus company may already have capacity restrictions in effect, but you can also do your part by limiting the number of people on the bus. Ask how many seats the bus typically has, and work with the company to determine how many people should be seated to maintain social distancing. You may want to block off rows of seats before boarding to help reinforce the idea of social distancing on the bus. When possible, seat travelers next to windows, which can be opened to help improve ventilation.

Limit Pit Stops

There will be necessary stops for gas and food, but consider eliminating additional stops for sightseeing and rest. When you do need to give everyone on board a break from the road, consider rest stops with open green spaces where you and your fellow travelers can space out while enjoying the fresh air. Stops at gas stations or truck stops should be given extra time. This will allow small groups of people to purchase snacks and essentials without crowding into a small space.

Distribute Hand Sanitizer

Consider purchasing small bottles of hand sanitizer in bulk to pass out to your fellow travelers. Proper use of sanitizer can help prevent the spread of germs on surfaces throughout the bus. You may also want to add a large bottle near the entrance of the bus. This allows everyone boarding to sanitize their hands before taking their seats.

Require Masks

Even with a proper ventilation system and open windows on the bus, airborne germs can travel throughout an enclosed space. Let everyone know in advance that they will have to wear masks whenever they are on the bus. You can purchase disposable medical masks to hand out to those who forget or lose their own masks. It's also a good idea to verify the bus company's mask rules, as you'll want to make sure the bus driver is also wearing a proper mask throughout the duration of your trip.

Be sure to ask about sanitizing procedures for the bus company before you sign an agreement. You'll want to know that any bus your group rents has been properly cleaned and sanitized before your trip begins. For more information about keeping your bus charter safe during a pandemic, reach out to a local charter company.