A Great Way To Cut Costs When Moving Houses

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There's no shortage of internet hacks to save you money when moving house. Most of them boil down to a simple principle—do the work yourself, instead of hiring a moving company. The biggest cost of the DIY approach is renting a truck or van to move your possessions, but there's a way to reduce this expense when moving a considerable distance—and it's incredibly easy to do.

Moving Within the Same City or Town

Moving a short distance (within the same city or town) involves renting an appropriately-sized vehicle for a predetermined fee, which often also comes with a per-mile charge. You generally must return it to the same location. The process isn't complicated and may be the best option when moving a short distance. If you're moving to an entirely new part of the country, one-way trailer moves offer better value for money.

Long-Distance Relocations

One-way trailer moves involve a fixed charge, and if you're careful, this will be all you need to pay. The cost is determined by the size of the rental vehicle, the location where you collect the vehicle, where you drop it off, the number of days covered by the rental, and the number of permitted miles for the move. Provided you don't deviate from these allowances and conditions, there won't be any extra fees. A one-way trailer move is only possible when the rental company offers vehicle drop-off at your final destination, which must be confirmed.

Avoiding Extra Charges

Like with any vehicle rental, some form of security is required. This could be a cash deposit or the understanding that your payment method (typically a credit card) will be charged if you exceed your available allowances. This actually permits some flexibility. For example, if you happen to need an extra day to complete your move, you can easily have it—although you will be charged for the time. The same applies if you need to deviate from your planned route and accumulate more miles than expected. This flexibility can be convenient but can increase your moving costs.

So if you plan to keep your moving costs as low as possible by doing the bulk of the work yourself (probably assisted by generous family and friends), you should find out if a one-way trailer move is possible from your current location to your new location. It's an easy way to reduce those moving costs even further.

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