Own A Transportation Company? Why You Need Workers' Compensation Coverage

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If you own a trucking company, you need to make sure that you have the right insurance coverage. That includes workers' compensation coverage for all your workers. You might not think you need workers' compensation insurance for your drivers, but that's not the case. Without workers' compensation insurance, your company could be at risk for liability claims. Not sure you need workers' compensation insurance for your transportation company? Read the list provided below. Here are four types of injuries your drivers could sustain. Workers' compensation insurance provides coverage for those types of injuries. 

Back and Neck Strains

It's not uncommon for truck drivers to suffer back and neck strains. In most cases, rest and pain relievers will ease the problem. But, there are times when back and neck strain can lead to severe pain. This type of strain can also lead to problems with mobility. If your drivers sustain back and neck strain, they need to know they have medical coverage for their work-related condition. That's where transportation workers' compensation coverage comes into the picture. Workers' compensation covers medical care for back and neck strain claims. 

Crushing Injuries

When you own a transportation company, you need to worry about crushing injuries. Truck drivers work with a lot of heavy equipment. All those moving parts put your drivers at risk for crushing injuries. Proper safety training can help reduce those risks, but accidents can still happen. When they do, you need to know that you have insurance to cover the medical care. That's where transportation workers' compensation insurance becomes beneficial. Transportation worker's compensation insurance covers the medical care required for all crush-related injuries. 

Truck Accidents

If you run a transportation company, you need to plan for accidents. In 2020, there were 107,000 injury accidents involving large trucks. Some of those injuries will involve your drivers. Workers' compensation insurance can help you avoid out-of-pocket expenses for your employees. But, it can also offer protection for your drivers as well. That's because they won't experience a financial loss if they're injured in a trucking accident while on the job. 

Slip and Falls

When it comes to protecting your drivers, you need to plan for slip-and-fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents can cause debilitating injuries. You can make sure your drivers get the care they need. You can invest in transportation workers' compensation insurance for your company. 

Don't take chances with driver safety. Add transportation workers' compensation coverage to your commercial insurance policies. You'll protect your company and your drivers.  For more information, contact a company such as Safe Ride Transportation.